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Pat Kingsland

Caroline Ellis

Jill Profit

Anne Styles

County Chairman

County Treasurer

County Vice-Chairman

County Vice-Chairman


Pat Kingsland & Joyce Gray

Anne Styles

Maggie Eccleston

Pam Wright & Joanna Defries

Anne Styles

Joanna Defries & Jill Profit

Maggie Eccleston & Phillippa MacKinnon

Phillippa MacKinnon

Jill Profit

Joyce Spackman

ACWW Representatives

County Craft Adviser

Denman Ambassador

Federation & Inter County Quiz

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Publications Officer

Resolutions Officers

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Sports Officer

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Beverley Hayes

Hayley Tapp


Catherine Abrahams

Newsletter Editor

Federation Secretary

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Federation Archivist


Arts & Crafts Sub-Committee
Chairman – Mrs Anne Styles
The Arts and Crafts Committee concentrates on promoting all aspects of homes, gardens and art. We put on workshops in many different crafts as taster sessions and run two main events each year; our Homecraft Day which has two speakers on subjects dealing with the home and Try a Craft which is a number of craft lessons linked by lunch. In addition we have exhibitions every few years and like to have at least one craft challenge for all members. We are a friendly hard working committee and always welcome new members and ideas.

Current  & International Affairs Sub-Committee
Chairman – Mrs Joyce Spackman
Law and order, history,  the environment, science, customs and culture of other lands, ACWW, local walks and talks; these are just some of the day and evening events organised by the Current  and International Affairs Sub-Committee. We are also responsible for briefing meetings when experts are invited to give us background information on the Resolutions, and two members are there to help any Institutes with the wording of any resolution they may wish to submit. So, if you are interested, like organising and running events and being part of an enthusiastic team, come and join us on our committee and you will open a door to opportunity and a window on the world.

Performing Arts Sub-Committee
Chairman – Mrs Joanna Defries

Fancy trying to play the triangle? Perhaps a play reading fills the gap? We organise music, drama and even dancing (square, line but perhaps not ballet!) events. If poetry is more your thing, that too can be arranged.  How about a Saturday morning spent improving your public speaking talents? If any of these activities stir your interest or you have any fresh ideas then why not give the Performing Arts Sub-Committee a whirl? We’d love to hear from you.

Members Advisory Committee

The role of the Chairman is to organise, motivate encourage and understand her WI Adviser committee members. The chairman should be a good listener and encourage lively discussion with her committee. Be familiar with how the Federations works and be sure the aims and objectives of the WI are carried out. The chairman is also a WI Adviser. A WI Adviser is trained and appointed by NFWI to work under the direction of her federation Board of Trustees.  She is a member of the federation Membership sub-committee. Her appointment is annually.  
The responsibility of a WI Adviser is: forming new WI’s, promoting the WI, informing and encouraging WI’s, keeping the Federation informed of WI activities and opinions, attending and helping at all kinds of WI meetings, researching areas for new WI’s, planning and running training sessions, helping struggling WI’s, enlarging WI’s and suspending WI’s when necessary.
WI Advisers need to be able to act as communicators, counsellors and mediators, to make sure that WI members know all that is available to them and to help them get value for their subscription.
It is useful to have the following attributes to carry out the work of a WI Adviser:
Experience of being on her own WI Committee
A pleasant, outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic personality
The ability to give clear explanations
To be thoughtful and imaginative
The ability to direct without being "bossy"
The ability to develop rapport with members and liaise with other people in the community
To be well organised
To be committed to the aims of the WI
To be able to visit WI’s
To be a good listener
A WI Adviser is appointed by the NFWI to promote its policy within her own federation. She is the only member able to form and suspend WI’s and supervise their ‘enlargement.

House, Premises and Shop Ad-Hoc Committee 
Chairman – Mrs Jill Profit

The House Committee is responsible for the maintenance of County House. Would you like to be one of our committee and bring new ideas along to our happy bunch? If so please contact the office.

Publications Ad-Hoc CommitteeThe Publications Officersis are in charge of the WI stationery and any publications, i.e. the calendars and diaries, and is responsible for the promotion and sale of these at all major County events. The committee also purchases fancy goods and other items which we feel might be of interest to members.  These are sold at County events and are available to purchase in the shop, bringing in an important source of revenue for the Federation.

Sports & Leisure Ad-Hoc Committee
Chairman – Mrs Jill Profit

Following the success of Autumn Antics when we organised a week of exciting sporting activities, culminating in the Flash Mob dance held in Stevenage, the Board decided we needed a new committee for Sports and Leisure. Pat Murray has been successfully organising the popular P├ętanque and Scrabble days for many years and will continue to do so under our committee. Our committee ran the very successful Wine & Wigwams camping and activities weekend; a first for Hertfordshire which we will be repeating if you would like to be involved. We have also organised an archery and rifle shooting afternoon and a gliding day. If what we do inspires you, and we have only just scratched the surface, why not consider joining us? Your input would be much appreciated.